Hire the Golden Girls for your next special event (Birthday, Anniversary, Fundraiser, Corporate event, etc...)

Simply fill out the form on the right.  Yes it says Peter Mac ads Judy Garland but we are available for hire as The Golden Girls.   That's because Peter Mac wrote and created the Golden Girls LIVE on Stage.   He is also an Award Winning Tribute Artist that plays every Saturday night at Club Cafe in Boston at 8pm. (room opens at 6:30).

More information on Peter is at:  TheJudyGarlandShow.com

We have many other shows besides Golden Girls see the list below of just some of the options.

Peter Mac is legendary star of stage and screen Judy Garland. A self-described "male actress," Mac provides a seriously fun and loving tribute to Garland, breathing new life into countless Garland classics, from her onscreen hits to her concert favorites, including "Over the Rainbow," "The Man That Got Away", etc... He'll also sing LIVE a handful of gems that, had Garland sung them while alive, surely would've become classics themselves. 

Mac, who has portrayed the late, great actress to audiences and critical acclaim for over a decade, provides between-song banter that brings a nuanced glimpse into Garland's life.  

He also has a cadre of more than 40 other women! 

Included but not limited to

1 Judy Garland 
2 Liza Minnelli 
3 Bette Davis (also available as Baby Jane Hudson with Blanche Hudson, All About Eve/ Margo Channing) 
4 Mae West 
5 Dame Edna 
6 Katharine Hepburn 
7 Peggy Lee 
8 Helen Reddy 
9 Karen Walker from Will and Grace (with Jack McFarland) 
10 Sophia Petrillo with Dorothy Zbornack from The Golden Girls 
11 Carol Channing 
12 Tallulah Bankhead 
13 Elaine Stritch 
14 Bette Midler 
15 Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis 
16.Little Edie Beale -with big Edie Beale from Grey Gardens 
17 Grayson Hall as Dr.Julia Hoffman from Dark Shadows 
18. Endora with Uncle Arthur from Bewitched 
19. Angela Lansbury -Murder She Wrote Jessica Fletcher 
20. Mrs.Garrett from The Facts of Life 
21. Alice Ghostley-Bernice Clifton from Designing Women 
22. Tootsie aka Dorothy Michaels 
23.Gwen Verdon 
24. Bebe Neuwirth Fosse Style or as Dr. Lillith Sternin Crane 
25. Phyllis Diller 
26.Mary Martin 
27. Fran The Nanny 
28.Edith Bunker from All In The Family 
29. Maggie smith 
30. Valley of the Dolls: Neely O' Hara/Patty Duke, 
31. Julia Child 

Also available as Barnabas Collins/Jonathan Frid "Dark Shadows" and Truman Capote. 

Several duo acts are available including Dorothy and Sophia from the Golden Girls.

Professional Female Impersonator and Tribute Artist Available For Hire Coast to Coast.  ALL SUNG LIVE!

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